BROS BEFORE HOES- Is It A Mere Celebration Of Friendship?

Male friendships have always been celebrated whether in literature or in films. Who can forget the iconic duo of Jai-Veeru in Sholay singing, "Ye dosti hum nahi torenge" and pledging to die for one another. Surely friendships are a beautiful bond but the very common phrase Bros before Hoes, does it celebrate male bonding and... Continue Reading →

Involved parenting: to be a Strict parent or an Indulgent parent?

Involved parents are kind, loving, nurturing and protective and establish a deep bond with their children and help them to grow up into a responsible adult who are emotionally stable. Kids are sensitive, perceptive, at times moody and mostly desire to be loved and cared. They are innocent and curious and authoritative style of parenting... Continue Reading →

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