Sustainable Multi-purpose Cleanser

Sustainability is not just meeting our needs. Its also about caring the environment and using the limited amount of resources to the maximum. Perfecting low waste living and minimalism can go a long way in preserving our environment. It is also a very economical way of living. I had embarked by taking baby steps on…… Continue reading Sustainable Multi-purpose Cleanser

Simple Hacks for a Sustainable lifestyle

Sustainability is a lifestyle change where we can meet our needs without depleting the resources meant for our future generation. There is no Planet B and if we make simple easy swaps to our current lifestyle we can go a long way in preserving our planet. Reusing and recycling can reduce our waste. Low waste…… Continue reading Simple Hacks for a Sustainable lifestyle

Healthy Binging Hacks on the Go

Summer is officially here and most of us have already packed our bags ready to set our foot outside. With covid restrictions being less now, this year many of us are determined to fulfil our 2020’s shattered travelling goals. Travelling is fun and refreshing but we always come back weighing more. Why? Because binge eating…… Continue reading Healthy Binging Hacks on the Go

Jumping the Organic Bandwagon

My search for Organic products

The words ‘herbal’ and ‘organic’ have become a huge trend in the present times. Almost all brands advertise their products under the garb of clean unfiltered tag. Any label containing these two words naturally cost more than the commonly used other commercial brand products. However, apart from their usage in the marketing gimmick, the so…… Continue reading Jumping the Organic Bandwagon

Healing From Within: Beating Stress

Healthy living is not just riding the merry-go-round of latest trends of different fancy diets or loading your dinner plate with heaps of greens. Healthy eating or mindfully eating does provided wholesome nutrition to our body, but what of our complex weary mind? Mental health is an important component of physical well being and everyday…… Continue reading Healing From Within: Beating Stress

To Snack or Not to Snack

Binge eating and snacking are considered to be two major evils which make us tip on to the wrong side of the scale. Scores of health fitness tips include not snacking and plenty others on snacking just healthy homemade alternatives, but in reality the list gets boring pretty fast. After the initial few weeks when…… Continue reading To Snack or Not to Snack

The Scale tale: My Journey towards a Healthier Living

Hypertension at a young age is a serious health risk affecting a quarter of the global population. Strict weight loss regimens failed for the self confessed foodie and heightened body negative issues. 2020 global pandemic brought a silver lining helping in a more comfortable weight loss and taking a right step towards health and wellness…… Continue reading The Scale tale: My Journey towards a Healthier Living